Saturday, May 12, 2007

Knee Deep In Entrelac

At long last my socks are done! They've actually been done for about a week, but life has been pretty hectic lately and I haven't been blogging much, so at last I've gotten a photo and can show off what I did!

Overall I'm happy with the socks. I like the colours a lot, and the Cherry Tree Hill superwash sock yarn was really nice to knit with. I used one skein each of the blue variegated and the solid purple (each skein is enough for 1 pair of crew length socks) with a comfortable amount of each left over. I went up to 9 st squares at the very top, and maybe should have stuck with 8. The top triangles are bigger than I expected, and even decreasing quite a few stitches for the top ribbing and using a 2 x 2 rib the top edge is rather loose. I haven't decided yet if I'm going to do anything about it or not; I'll decide after I've worn them a few times. I'm probably going to wear them as my yoga-class socks (I love wearing hand knit socks for shivasana!)

There are definitely lots of little holes in some of the squares corners, in the heel shaping, and along the base and top triangles, but I don't think I'm going to fuss with them too much. I usually opt for deciding to do things a different way the next time I do a similar technique or pattern rather than getting to compulsive about what is already done.

Would I make these socks again? Probably not as knee socks, but I would consider trying a crew-length pair and refining some of the techniques, such as doing the yo's in the heel instead of the wraps, etc. I'm also really intrigued by Bex's comments about the Fixation and/or Esprit cotton yarn. As wool does make me a tad itchy in the knee socks the cotton sounds like a very good choice for a second attempt. I must admit, I'd love to do black and white squares. I'll keep watching what the rest of you do as well!

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Anonymous said...

hi! nice job on the socks! i'm actually currently trying to make these socks and am confused about the location of the carried strand when i change yarn color. my carried strand is not found in the valley, but rather several rows down and therefore i have loose strands ... i know this doesnt make much sense, but if you do understand, can you please tell me what i am doing wrong. Thanks!