Friday, May 11, 2007


Sorry it took so long for me to post. I've been making tons of shower gifts. So, I've only finished the one sock. I'm pretty pleased with it. Even so, it's the second one that I have knit, so I'm going to take a short break before finishing the other one.

I'm really happy that I switched to the Cascade Fixation. I've seen a few people on craftster who are going to use Elann's Esprit, which i the even cheaper way to go. I only used one skein of the orange, and about 3/4 skein of the green to make this sock, so all in all, they will have cost me 20 bucks. With the Esprit, it would be 12. Not a bad deal.

This sock is super stretchy (except for the heel, but I think if you use the one Spincerely posted it would be awesome) and wonderful. It is thick and soft and luscious and many friends and have touched it and cuddled it, because it literally is cuddly. I was hoping that the cotton would make it wonderful to wear in the summer, but it appears to be a pretty warm sock. Some people have asked about walking on it, and it's lovely. The yarn is absolutely lovely.

I did have to increase to 8 stitch rectangles pretty quickly. I did 3 at 6, 2 at 7 and the rest at 8 to get the right fit for me.


bigevilgrape said...

That sock came out very nicely. It's interesting to see how big of a diffrence the diffrent yarns seem to make.

Misty "The Kneedler" said...

Bex - I'm really interested in the stretchy cotton yarn for socks. I just bought some elann Esprit to try some more basic socks for my wool-phobic mother. What size needles did you use, and what was your gauge (more or less; I'm just trying to get an idea of how to size socks in this yarn!) The balls look so small so I'm amazed at how little you used for the one knee sock. At elann's prices that is so cheap. The Cherry Tree Hill yarn I used for the entrelac socks was WAY more expensive (albeit beautiful). Thanks!

Bex said...

I used the size 2 needles that the pattern called for and it was about 13sts/2inches.