Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Almost ready to start

I've been wanting to knit the entrelac socks, and I think this KAL will be fun and motivating. I just have to finish up the pair of socks I'm knitting now and wait for my yarn order to arrive. It's not like I really need more sock yarn - I have enough for something like 51 pairs of socks. However, I looked through my stash, and even though there were some yarns that would have probably worked, none of them seemed to be quite right for this project. So I ordered some Koigu - it seemed like a perfectly logical choice for an obsessed knitter like me! I'm looking foward to working on these socks and seeing everyone's masterpieces.

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Spincerely said...

The Koigu is so much fun to work with... I can't wait to see what colors you're getting!