Sunday, April 29, 2007

(A little more than) halfway there!

One down, about half of the second sock to go! I haven't blocked it yet, but as you can see the first sock is done. As is also readily apparent, it's just in time as the innards of my center-pull ball have spilled themselves out all over everything and if I don't rewind it soon I'll have one heckuva mess on my hands, if I don't already.

To make the socks fit my legs I have tapered the size of the squares from the ankle to the top as follows: I worked 5 CC tiers at 6 stitches each; 3 CC tiers at 7 stitches; 1 CC tier at 8 stitches; and 1 CC tier at 9 stitches for a grand total of 10 tiers of CC squares. Since my squares had more stitches at the top than the pattern specified I had to fudge the directions for the ending triangles a bit. Eunny picked up 8 stitches to begin each end triangle on a 7 stitch square , so following the logic of picking up 1 more stitch than the squares had, I picked up 10 stitches on my 9 stitch squares for each triangle. When I picked up stitches for the ribbing I had forgotten to count how many stitches I had, but it was on the loose side so I a) decreased right away down to 92 stitches total, and b) did the ribbing in k2 p2 instead of a single rib. I also did just 12 rows instead of the fold-over cuff with the tassle thing. I used a bind-off that's very stretchy but I don't know what it's called - it's been used on every lace shawl I've made and makes a beautiful elastic edge. I think the socks could be more snug at the top but it will do. But that is a clue to me as to why that tassle/drawstring was part of the pattern in the first place - I don't think they could be really snug at the top without some help.

I must say that I am VERY glad that the 2nd sock is already done to above the ankle so that I don't have such a daunting time to finishing the pair, and that the yarn untangling has been completed.

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Rachel said...

Wow - very nice! I love the colors.