Saturday, April 7, 2007

Elastic Entrelac

The Cascade Fixation is working much better than the wool yarn that I originally used. The pattern gauge calls for 17 sts/2inches, which is what I had...though my wool sock was not easy to pull on, and almost impossible to pull off. I had to modify the pattern to get it to fit my foot, etc. However, the Fixation was giving me a gauge of 20sts/2 inches on the size 2 needles, and I haven't had to modify much at all.
I absolutely agree with brainymom that the heel sucks. Even with the elastic yarn, it takes a good tug to get it on my heel, and it is the tightest part of my sock. I modified it a bit by fixing the messed up count on the short rows, but that was about it. I was able to get a really nice fit with the 5 CC tiers in the foot portion, and unlike my other sock, I will be able to get by with the increases in the leg that the pattern calls for.
I picked a striping yarn for the CC, so it does some kind of fun things as the pattern goes on.
If anyone has not started these socks yet, I highly recommend using an elastic yarn, like the Cascade Fixation. I don't think that entrelac is really meant for a knee-high sock without some kind of synthetic fiber help. I am, however, in suspense over here...waiting to hear back from the knitters using the koigu!


yuvee said...

Oh it does look great! The colours remind me of watermelon ;)

Zarzuela said...

I really love this idea of using fixation for these! If I do them again, I think that would be the way I would go....