Thursday, April 5, 2007


YEAH!!!! This pattern has caused me some trouble, I had to add an extra CC tier in the foot, and then I had difficulties getting the sock over my heel. So to solve that I started my leg increases early. Then, I didn't feel like doing extra leg increases for the sock to fit over my large calves, so I decided to end the sock at a regular crew length. I am SOOOOO glad to finally have finished this pair of socks. In the first pic, one sock looks bigger than the other. This is because one sock had just come off my foot (and had been stretched) and the other had just come off the needles. So, now I guess I can say that my entrelac socks were based on the Entrelac socks from the Spring 2007 Interweave issue. Since I barely followed the pattern.

I used Knitpicks Gloss yarn in Burgundy and Serengeti, using only one hank of each. I did enjoy knitting these, and I think I might make another pair to pattern specs when I've lost some more weight.


Spincerely said...

Awesome! They look great! I googled Knitpicks gloss to see what fiber is in it and it has some silk. Do you think that is one of the reasons they are not stretching for you? I am really close to finishing mine and if I was not reading blogs right now, I could be binding off! Anyway, great job, you must be so happy to be done!

Rachel said...

I think they look really great! I'm planning to make mine short, too since I don't really wear knee socks.

Bex said...

Yay!! Those are really beautiful! I never thought about the silk thing spincerly. That may be true. Mine were not very elastic either...well, until I changed to the elastic yarn.
I like the shorties!!!

Zarzuela said...

They look wonderful! Congrats! :)