Saturday, April 7, 2007

First post here!

Hi guys!
Here's my entrelac socks in progress...

The pink yarn in Regia silk and the burgundy yarn is Regia silk shine. I've tried using both yarns to make socks but it just never worked out, but they work great together, don't you think?
I've since finished the 5th CC tier and am supposed to work on the heels, but I put it on and I think it's not quite long enough. What should I do?


Bex said...

Hey Yuvee!!
There were lots of prob's with the sock not being long enough on the foot. A lot of people here added another CC tier (so 6 in the foot portion).
Watch out for the heel too, cause there is a count error on the short rows.
People who are getting close to being done are complaining about the elasticity of the sock. Your yarn is freakin' beautiful, but I just worry that the silk will be even less elastic than some of the wools.
I used a wool and had mostly finished the sock (if you look below), but it was taking me 3 or 4 minutes to shimmy it off my leg and foot because there was absolutely no stretch to it. I ended up switching yarns to Cascade Fixation (I will post some pics soon), and that worked out really well with this pattern, because it actually has elastic in it.
There are two women here who are using the actual koigu, so hopefully they will update soon on their progress. One other woman used Knitpicks gloss, which has silk in it, and hers were not very stretchy at all, so she ended up making them much shorter than the pattern specs.
Keep us updated on how the yarn works! I am sure that just adding the extra CC tier will work for you.

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