Friday, April 6, 2007

I am done with sock #1 and ya know what? I don't like it.
I didn't like knitting it, I hate the way she did the heel, it has no elasticity (I don't think entrelac is a very good choice for a knee-high sock really)
it's cute, yeah, but my time and yarn could go to better uses. blah. I hate being disappointed, but I'm not doing the second sock.
son of a bitch


Bex said...

I agree that the sock has no elasticity at all either. I agree that the heel sucks too.
I do have to say that your sock looks freakin' beautiful though. Is it super hard to get on and off? Cause I think you picked beautiful colors and if it's not a pain in the ass to get it on and off, that another one of those would look really nice on you.
I talked to the women who owns my lys, and she was saying that she's cautious with the eunny patterns because she's noticed that they tend to run super small ( think?), though they are real purdy.

brainymom said...

I modified my ASS off to make it fit my short but narrow feet and short but chunky calves. I changed most everything but the heel and looking at your fixation pair am thinking that might not be too bad but I wouldn't do a short row heel
my lys peeps agree: entrelac+socks=what were you thinking eunny?
these things actually hurt going on and off
I even had a friend with smaller feet try and it was hard for her too
how is the cascade warmth wise? I hate having warm feet but I love the stripe/not stripe you have going on

Bex said...

If you don't do a short row heel, will you just leave the holes in it?

Well, the Cascade is really soft once it's knit up. It doesn't feel too warm right now, though I haven't fully finished the sock and worn it around. It's cotton, so I don't think it should be too bad.
Knitting this stuff on 2's made for a challenging cast on, but as long as I leave a lot of slack while I'm knitting, it's fine.
I really like the stripe too. Most of the other colors have 3 different striping color in them, and this green kind of has a darker green to it that doesn't really show up, so I don't know what the 3 colors would look like. Might be cool.
If you used the cascade, you might wanna make the foot only 4 CC tiers or so, cause it stretches a lot. It holds onto my foot really well too. I will try and finish in the next couple days so I can take a nice pic for you.

Yeah...I've never done entrelac before, but it looks a helluva lot stretchier than it really is! I don't think it's an ideal sock idea, but hey, we live in a day and age when we have elastic, so I guess we can make it work if we really want to.