Saturday, April 7, 2007

You can stick them with a fork

Guess what? I finished my socks!

I used just over 3 skeins of Koigu; 2 for the main color and 1 plus a smidgen of the second skein for the contrast color (so if you want them a bit shorter, you can definitely get away with 3 skeins all together and save some $$). I didn't do quite knee-highs -- more like calf-highs. I'm not really sure I would recommend that, but my goal was to knit as high as I could with one ball of the main color. They fit ok. I mean, I knew when I started that I don't have size 8 feet and that is what size the pattern is written for, but I think they probably fit me better than they would a true size 8. I can get them over my heels. They are a bit snug going on and coming off, but it is just a quick tug, not a 3 or 4 minute procedure like Bex had with her first sock try.

I really did enjoy making these. I learned how to knit back backwards which besides being fun to say, is fun to do and I did that a lot on the second sock. There are also far far fewer mistakes on the second sock!

I am teaching these as a class at my LYS at the end of the month and I have to knit a shop sample starting like tonight. I'm a bit worried about the sizing issues. Maybe I just need to cross my fingers for more process knitters than product knitters, right?

I like Bex's idea of using stretch yarn like Fixation. The shop does not carry that, but we do have Lana Grossa Point Print and Solid which is really close and a bit lighter even... Hummmm.... That is a good possibility. Ok, I'm starting to feel a bit better now....


Bex said...

Those look really beautiful! It seems that the Koigu must be a lot more pliable than some of the other your smaller feet probably help a little bit. I like the length that you did them.

I think that your class will go really well. Especially with all of the backwards knitting you are going to be able to teach with these too. The Lana Grossa sounds great, and would probably be a good match for people with bigger feet or calves. The cast on was a little bit more trying with the stretchy stuff, but nothing that a beginner wouldn't get after a couple of tries.

You're gonna do the tassles and stuff for your shop sample, right? I gotta see those when you are done. Or even in the process! Share the pics!

Zarzuela said...

Beautiful! I love how the varigated worked out as the contrasting yarn. Very pretty! :)


Spincerely said...

Thank you!