Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Another Introduction

Hi! I'm Tamara from the blog, Spincerely yours. I just wanted to post a quick photo tonight. I know I should really wait until the morning when I'm not so tired and the light is better, but I think that everyday and then I miss my chance to write. This is my first entrelac project and I'm having a lot of fun! I was just recently on vacation so I treated myself to some Koigu from A Mano Yarn Center in LA (I haven't found any in CT yet). I really like knitting with it -- it has a unique twist and I love the variations in the colors.

Anyway -- as to the sizing -- I think mine is coming out just right for me although that is complete unintentional. I tried it on tonight and it fits well. I was not expecting this as I wear size 7 shoes. Since this pattern only has one size I was just going with it (and I have a sister with size 8 feet). They are a little lumpy inside, but I guess when we walk it will be like getting a little massage with each step and maybe they will smooth out a bit with blocking and washing.

I love reading what everyone has to say and looking at all the colors and yarns that everyone is knitting with. I can't wait to see more!

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Bex said...

Wow Tamara...your socks are so beautiful. Maybe the size thing has something to do with the yarns being different, but I did get gauge, so who knows.
I like the colors that you chose. When you get a chance, will you post the sock on your foot? I'd love to see it that way.
I've never worked with the koigu before, and I see that it's not a very common yarn to find at stores by me either.
Thanks for the pics! They are so inspiring.