Tuesday, March 13, 2007

The little bit...

So, here are some pictures of where I'm at so far. It's not much yet, but I figured that I love looking at other people's pictures, so maybe someone wants to look at mine. The color of these pictures sucks. It makes it look like I'm knitting blue and yellow socks. arg. In real life, the "yellow" color resembles split pea soup, and the "blue" is mostly grey. You can't even notice that there is blue in it unless you hold it under a bright light. Okay...so that's my color disclaimer.

The yarn I'm using is only 3-ply (the vintage stuff that I found at the Mill End), but I was able to get gauge with it on the US #1's, so I figured I'd go with it. As you can see, it's a little bit "see through" because the yarn is so small, but I actually kind of like it. The only thing that bugs me a bit is that my first couple of tiers of the entrelac are a bit loose around the edges and it really shows with this yarn more than it would with something a bit thicker.
I am pretty stoked about that knitty Magic Cast-on because it made the seam in the sock really rounded and smooth. It fits well over my toes. I'm sure that the Middle East cast-on would have done the same thing, but those directions in the IK weren't working for me and I'm nothing without a tutorial!!I'm pretty worried about this sock being long enough, after having read about other people's struggles with that. Most of what I have read has says that the sock is not fitting a size 7 foot. I'm 8.5, so I'm pretty sure that I'm going to have to throw in 7 CC tiers or so. I'm up to 3 now and it's not even fitting to the halfway point on my foot.
I've got a bunch of really subtle mistakes. You know, places where in the past I would have ripped this thing out a million times to make it perfect. However, in yoga we are working on how everything we do resembles life, and in my life...I never see anything perfect, so I am on a mission with these socks not to frogg them. Every project that I have ever done has been ripped out and repeated a million times and I am deciding with this one that it's harder and more challenging for me to keep going than to rip it out and re-do it. So, I'm up for the challenge and we'll see what happens. I know that the second sock is going to be better than the first. It wouldn't matter how many times I frogged the first one. Still, the second one would be better. So, I'm going to accept that and keep going. What mistakes I have now will not be noticeable to anyone but myself (and possibly those of you who are doing this KAL). I'm breathing through that. hehe. This is going to be amazing. I've only done 3 CC tiers so far, and I can already see a drastic improvement in my entrelac skills. The edges are getting tighter and more defined. The stitches are floating better. I kind of like that I will be able to look at these socks and see my progress and growth in entrelac.

Okay...no more of this novel. I will be back!


Jackie said...

They're BEAUTIFUL!! On my monitor your colors are showing as a pea green and a gray/blue, and look absolutely stunning togather.

jessie said...

wow - i am totally inspired.

Spincerely said...

Your sock looks great! I'm with you on the mistake thing with these socks! I think that this particular pattern has a built-in inherent fudge factor. It is really easy to hide the mistakes so you don't really feel all that compelled to go back and fix them! I agree, the second sock will be so much better than the first though.