Saturday, March 10, 2007

I cast on last night!!!

Whooopeee! That felt so good. I didn't get that far, just into the increasing rows and whatnot, but it felt so good to get these on the needles. The middle east cast on instructions in the IK glossary suck, so I found a couple of tutorials on the web that are fantastic and you can find them in the links if you need them.
I actually used the knitty magic cast-on...I guess because I had to be contrary, but it ended up looking great so I just left it at that. I am 98% sure that the ME cast on is also called the Figure 8 cast on, so you can also find a tutorial for that from Hello Yarn.

As soon as I get a couple tiers done I will post pictures.


Twinsanity said...

If the ME wrap cast on is the same as the figure eight, the illustrations in IK glossary are messed up...the yarn just goes around both needles (not in between them, though the text suggests it begins between to anchor?)) in the pics. And I can actually DO the figure eight cast on. LOL

Bex said...

Really...hmm. Well, I couldn't find any ME tutorials online. Have you found a nice one? I really liked that knitty magic cast on. I thought it worked well, so I just went with that.
You'd think that if the ME cast on is so nice that there would be something around about it! arg.
Thanks twinsanity.