Thursday, March 15, 2007

Much Better...

(please ignore my pajama pants and pasty pale ankle)

WOOHOO!!! I am almost back to where I was before the frogging (I was done with the next CC tier). Adding in the extra CC tier in the foot was exactly what my Entrelac sock needed. Last night I sat down during Lost and I knit my heel. Maybe now that I've re-knit that I'll feel like I'm making progress on this again.


Spincerely said...

It looks great! Your knitting is so neat:)

Bex said...

It does look really nice!!!
I'm glad to see that 6 CC's worked out. I had 6 last night and thought that it was too much so I took them out but then measured it (why did I do this? i guess i had a long day. hehe) and it was too short so I then reknit them back in. That feeling just sucks...where you're thinking, dammit, I already did this so I'm just catching up to where I was.
I think you'll be way more motivated now that everything you're knitting is fresh and new!!