Monday, March 19, 2007

Ruh Roh

The knitting of the socks is moving along very slowly since I'm working on a bazillion other things (including some major reworking of my personal shape).

Anyway, I added an extra MC and CC tier to the foot to make sure it would fit my size 8.5-9 feet. The foot is so long and narrow, it makes me giggle. Rather than giggling, I should have been cocking an eyebrow and trying to figure out how this was going to work. My foot doesn't look that long and it's definitely not narrow. But I just couldn't make it past the giggles.

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I managed my way through the short row heel (had actually reached that point before my first/last post), in spite of the errors in stitch count in the pattern (Y'all noticed the errors, didn't you? You DID, right? Maybe I'm just too stupid to wield pointy stitcks. *sob*).

So, I'm three CC tiers above the heel when it suddenly occurs to me that I should try this (Dachshund) puppy on. Especially since I have never used short row heels before. Uh. I have a slight problem.

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Bex said...

yeah...i put 6 CC tiers too and they do fit my 8.5 foot, but I have narrow feet and the fit is really tight. I just keep trying them on, every tier, as I go. hehe.

I was wondering about the stitch count thing. I don't know what's going on. It was a wrapped stitch 3 from the end on one side and 4 from the end on the other, right? I didn't understand that, but I did it, and it didn't matter that I wrapped my stitches cause I've still got some holes in the heel as if I didn't. That's okay. All part of the zen-ness of this project for me. I will not be a perfectionist, I will not be a perfectionist.

Anyway, did you just go 30 stitches back on the second row before wrapping instead of 29?

Twinsanity said...

Um. Maybe? I didn't actually count. I just made the two rows/ends match and went from there, ignoring all her numbers. Of course, that was after I knit and frogged the heel five times trying to get her numbers to match my knitting. You know, the very definition of "insanity." LOL

But it doesn't matter anyway because the damn sock won't go over my heel without major wrestling (almost broke my needles). So now I have it on safety pin stitch holders and trying to decide the next step.

I cast on a sweater while I think. ;-)

Lara said...

Aw, man! This makes me glad for my size 7 feet.

Thanks for the heads-up about the heel. I'll take a careful look before I get there. I'm still waiting on yarn.

jessie said...

so now i am really nervous to start the heel. i don't even know where to begin. any advice. i have never done this before. i am going to wait till i can really concentrate before i try.

Spincerely said...

Oh yeah, I noticed that too (looked for pattern corrections here:, found none) and then promptly forgot about it. I guess I must have just winged the heel a bit. There is a pattern on Knitty that uses the same short row heel -- Universal Toe-up Socks and it has very nice instructions on the short row heel.
I was thinking that this would be a good class to teach at the yarn store, but will have to figure that out before suggesting it...

Spincerely said...

Bex (and all), I just did my second heel and tried it like you said with just going back the 30 stitches on Row 2 and it worked out fine. When you do that, then for Row 16 it is k16, wrap next stitch and turn. Row 17 is p14. Then everything is fine for a while. Way at the end of the heel for Rows 22-32, I found that I had 1 wrapped stitch left on the knit side after Row 32 and K29..., but 2 wrapped stitches left on the purl side. So on Row 33 you don't really purl to last stitch, you purl to the wrapped stitch, work wrapped stitch together with its wrap, wrap next stitch and turn (then there will be one wrapped stitch left on each side).
If this helps, at the end of all the initial wrapping, I had 2 stitches on either end that were unwrapped, 8 stitches wrapped on each side and 16 unwrapped stitches in the middle. (Please let me know if my numbers are off at all as I'm trying to work this up for into a class proposal.)

Also, I think if when you purl the stitches together with their wraps (this wrap talk is making me really hungry for Baja Fresh!), it helps decrease holes if you purl through the back loop. (Maybe it does say to do that in the glossary as I never bothered to check so if it does just ignore that I just wrote that please:))