Thursday, March 15, 2007

How's everyone doing?

Saucer? Did you finish that tutorial to your liking? I'm really excited for you to cast-on. Do you love entrelac? Which yarn did you get?
Brainy? Did you cast-on yet?
chittavrtti...Do you have lots of projects going on still? Are you getting close? I can't wait to see your yarn in action.
tansy? punky? sugar? I know you didn't plan on starting till april. did you decide on yarns yet?

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brainymom said...

I've got to finish a sweater for punky/vinnie for a craftswap and then I am on! I am also almost done with said sweater and finals are over on Tuesday so then I will live at yarn store working on these puppies and all of the other crap I decide to force upon myself during break. yay!