Wednesday, March 21, 2007

backwards knitting?

so the knitting goddess blessed me yesterday with a quick lesson in backwards knitting from the lys-owner friend of mine. The lack of turning this piece is wonderful and changing the whole way I'm knitting it 'cause it's not all messy in the middle and it's so easy to do once you practice.
for those wanting to use magic loop or two circulars, this may allow for that
I'm sticking with dpns though, 'cause I don't have any small enough circulars and can't afford new addis right now :(
good luck!


Bex said...

that's freakin' awesome brainy!! super backwards knit entrelac socks? how damned cool is that?

i can't wait to see pictures. i've been telling all of my friends about your yarn!

Spincerely said...

That sounds really cool. My friend showed me how to knit back backwards yesterday. Is there anything special that you need to do when you get to what would be the purl 2 together to make the stitches slant the correct way?

brainymom said...

I haven't been doing anything special at the p2togs and they look just fine.