Tuesday, March 20, 2007

I'm having mixed feelings about this sock. I'm not happy with some things, but these are all things I can fix after finishing the sock. (see the holes by the heel? THOSE) and please ignore how funky my foot looks in the pic, it's squished at a funny angle trying to show off the sock and get a decent pic. I am starting my first leg increase tier. I am starting it early for a few reasons. The main ones being I'm short and have fat legs. Another is that it's a bit difficult getting my heel into the sock as it doesn't stretch much, and I'm afraid if I wait longer to start my increases, it'll become imposable to get my heel in there (and I don't want to have to do as much fudging to the pattern as Twin). It makes sense to me.


Bex said...

yeah, that makes sense to me too. I am on the 4th CC tier from the heel. i will take some pics soon, but i just keep trying it on to see what's happening. i was thinking of increasing early if it doesn't fit, so of course i think it's a brilliant plan!

Spincerely said...

I think that starting the leg increases sooner is an excellent idea! I wish I had thought of that, but I hadn't really read ahead to know that they were coming either:)