Friday, March 2, 2007

Special Yarn

So, I was at the Mill End Store the other day looking for some fat quarters. I decided to mess around in the yarn section for a little while. They've got the stuff you'd find at JoAnns, but then there is always something special back in the corner, like banana leaf fiber yarn, etc... I thought I'd see what they had for sock yarn and I found these spools of 2-ply and 3-ply yarn for 3.20. It looked like a great deal, and it was 100% wool.

I needed to know if there was enough yardage for the Entrelac Socks though, so I asked the store woman. She told me that she had no idea about the yardage and that these spools had been spun in the 60's when the Mill End was actually a spinning/textile mill. How awesome. So, I'm going to make the socks with this yarn.
There was a nice cream color, but I talked myself out of it and instead chose an olive-type green and a blue-grey color that just really didn't look like they should ever go together. I have faith in the beauty of these socks though, and I think that they will be able to bring these two colors together in splendid glory!! haha

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